CESP High-Tech was established by the CESP group in 2017, with an office area of 800m³, manufacturing facilities of 12502 m³, and now has more than 100 employees.
Our R&D center has more than 10 senior engineers, including structural engineers, software engineers, industrial design engineers and project engineers.
We specialize in providing innovative intelligent electronic products for smart travel and healthy life, such as car jumper starter,portable power station,smart car lighting products,
car air purifier, car vacuum cleaner, car fast charging wireless charger, car storage box, smart car mobile phone holder, car Bluetooth player, car accessories, etc.
In addition, we also provide ODM services combining software and hardware.

With the development of science and technology, CESP continue to develop a series of automotive intelligent products around healthy life and intelligent travel, including software system and hardware design. Our mission is to constantly pursue innovation and create a better and more comfortable life for our lives.


16000mAh,Super Portable Outdoor Emergency Energy Storage Power to energize your travel time.



60000mAh,Mainstream interfaces are available, functional areas are clearly marked.



140000mAh, three-dimensional strong waist line design, create a more rhythmic visual level, memorable.



80000mAh, solid fuselage, fine craft.


CESP provide smart travel product solutions

Including automotive jumper starter, home energy storage power supply, portable power station, vehicle peripheral products and other car intelligent electronic products, please contact us for your project for detailed solutions.

Phone Holder for Car

Its volume is very light, in the use process will not block the air outlet, thus reducing the load-bearing of the air outlet blade.


Auto Charger

It looks very textured. It has two choices of ordinary car charger and wireless charger, and has various mobile phone models.


Auto Air Purifier

It has four layers of H12 HEPA filter, which can effectively intercept pollutants and protect you and your family.


Auto Bluetooth Wirtless Earbuds

It can intelligently reduce noise and make your call clearer, so that you can free your hands and drive the vehicle safely.


Car Vacuum Cleaner

It's not bound by wires and light, so it can be used at home and in the car, so it can be easily cleaned up.


Portable Power Station

It can be used as a starting power supply when the car can't start, and it can also be used as a mobile phone charger, which can support two uses.


We provide customized products for our customer,
including software system and hardware designing, send your detail requirement to us if you need.