BP201S-power station


  • Authoritative certification:

   ETL/FCC / EMC / CQC certification, according to export standards, comprehensive safety testing

  • Multi-scene application

   AC/USB/ Vehicle Charging three output modes, which can meet the needs of camping and picnic, outdoor work, family emergency and other scenarios

  • Convenient and easy to operate

   With display screen, the operation instructions are perfect, and the weight is less than 7kg, which is easy to carry

   It has a solid fuselage and is very delicate in technology. The shell has a strong three-dimensional waist line design, which makes the vision more intuitive and unforgettable. His main interface is available, and the functional area is also very clear, so that people can start a new life directly.

   At the same time, this portable mobile power supply has 60000mah, 5W lamp lighting up to 39H, which can charge ipone12 17 times, ipad Mini 9 times and Mac Book 13.3 three times. At the same time, it supports 15V / 2.8A adaptive charging, photovoltaic charging, vehicle charging and pd30w charging


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