BP101-110-power station


  • Multi scene usage makes your life more convenient

   It can provide starting and lighting for cars, lighting for outdoor camping, power supply for outdoor picnics, and power supply for sudden power failure.

  • More equipped devices, let you use more hands

   It is equipped with the manual, which can easily answer your doubts. At the same time, it is equipped with 18V / 1A adapter, one-to-one, two-in-one and three-in-one data cables to make your charging mode more flexible.

   With 2000a peak current, it can start gasoline vehicles with displacement below 7.0l and diesel vehicles below 6.5l, and has 110V / 100W AC interface output.

   16000mah ultra portable outdoor emergency energy storage power supply. It can maintain about 5 + charging times for iPhone 8 smartphone, 12 V 5W lighting for 12 hours, 1 / 5 charge for ipad Mini and 1.5 times for UAV. Easy response, sudden power failure to meet the emergency use of various equipment.

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