BP301S-power station


  • Mechanical balance, more convenient to carry / store

   It adopts the principle of mechanical balance. Lifting is to ensure the balance of strength. It is more convenient to store with the storage bag.

  • Aluminum rich lithium technology core

   increasing the concentration of lithium ion, the conductivity is increased, the ion migration speed is accelerated and the interface impedance is reduced.

  • Certification Authority

   FCC / EMC / CQC certification, according to export standards, comprehensive safety testing

   It has three charging methods, so you can charge it at any time. Solar panel charging, car charging and home charging can be supported. And it is a 300W high-power portable mobile power supply, fan, juicer, UAV, game book, SLR and other equipment applicable.

  It has intelligent temperature control system, according to the change of temperature for heat dissipation, and has a variety of output keys, in the process of use, you can control at any time, LED display screen is clear, digital display, make your use more convenient and clear.

   The 80000mah portable energy storage power station can maintain 5W lamp lighting for 51h, maintain iphone11 charging for 22 times, ipad Mini charging for 12 times, and Mac Book 13.2 charging for 5 times.

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