BP501-power station


  • Rich interface, unlimited power consumption

    It has three output modes, supports USB / AC / DC three output interfaces, and can meet the charging requirements of mobile camera, UAV, induction cooker, projector, computer and other equipment.

  • Strong compatibility to meet diverse needs

   It has strong compatibility and can support the use of multiple devices by colleagues. You can start it by clicking a key, and it doesn't produce lampblack or pungent smell. It's very safe to use electricity outdoors.  

  • Easy to travel and easy to move

   The handle is designed with ergonomics to increase the comfort of carrying. If you want to go out and move, it is very convenient and suitable for outdoor work and travel.

   After a series of tests, such as acupuncture, heavy impact and short circuit, the inner core of aluminum rich lithium battery does not ignite or explode. In addition, after 10 quality tests and strict procedures to ensure safety, from R & D to factory, from production to quality inspection, after rigorous safety inspection, the power supply meeting FCC / EMC / CQC safety certification can be selected.

   It has LCD high-definition display, so you can observe the power use and the previous operation settings at any time, as well as the independent switch, so it has high security and can control the interface at any time.

   140000 MAH portable mobile power supply, 500W large capacity, long endurance, worry free power consumption, built-in automobile grade lithium battery, with more than 1000 cycles. It can maintain 5W LED lighting for 100h, maintain iPhone 11 charging for 35 times, ipad Mini charging for 28 times, and Mac Book 13.7 charging for 16 times.

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